It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!
It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!


Testimonials from our clients.


“Tim Harris is the epitome of excellent service. I've worked with him arranging the details for over 30 events, which were attended by anywhere from 40 to 100 professionals, and each and every one of them went off without a hitch. We settled on menu items easily; he created some items that weren't even on the menu; and, even once, he went out and procured cookies for an afternoon pre-event. Not only did he handle all of the guests with real professionalism, but, even harder, he was able to handle me and all my myriad requests! (Which is not to say that he didn't let me down, albeit gently, when I made an unreasonable demand.) Bottom line: Tim is a natural at this business, he follows up and pays attention to detail, and, above all, he really cares that things come off well.”
George Mercer, Mercer Marketing
“My law firm has used Tim regularly to help plan and execute Partner Dinners and similar events since 2003. Tim's responsiveness, integrity, acumen, professional and pleasant persona, and knowledge of his field make an unbeatable combination.”
Laurie MacDonald
“Timothy Harris is a wonderfuly dedicated professional. All of his hard work and help with our association, kept us coming back to the restaurant. When he contacted me about his new company and website, I was more than happy to work with him. Because of Timothy, all of my catering and business meeting orders are done through Be So Eventurous now. February 11, 2010
Jillian Zywen
“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim for over three years. During this time he has consistently demonstrated efficiency, accuracy with all event details, professionalism and high responsiveness to my firm’s needs. I would highly recommend Tim to orchestrate successful events.”
Ben Goldfarb
“Tim has been extremely helpful in providing advice and direction for any of the dinner meetings that he has coordinated for our company. His recommendations have always made for top notch events. Would recommend in a heartbeat!”
Deborah Ryan
“Tim provided excellent service for me and the EWGA Boston Chapter network event held at his restaurant. Tim exhibits a great amount of care and passion in what he does. Tim is someone that would always come through with exactly what the client was looking for and was always flexible and willing to change things up until the last minute. I would highly recommend him to anyone that might ask. I am looking forward to working closely with Tim at The Be So Eventurous Event Network!”
Lynne Palazzi
“I worked with Tim while arranging for bi-monthly dinner meetings for the Association of Career Professionals - New England (ACPI-NE) Tim was always great at suggesting options that would save the organization money while still creating a festive presentation. He was prompt with contracts and resourceful with ideas. I recommend Tim to anyone planning a party. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to events!”
Jane McHale
“I used Tim for my event planning needs during 2008 and 2009 for 35 Events in all. From the beginning to the end, and even beyond his tenure Tim acted as our point person. Without Tim's oversight our experience would have fallen far short.”
Marg Balcom
“As New England chapter president of the American Soc. for Business Publication Editors, Tim has helped us make arrangements for very successful awards banquets over recent years. We are continuing to look to him for event guidance through Be So Eventurous and remain very pleased with his "can do" attitude and many helpful suggestions.”
Alan Earls

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