It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!
It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!

Alternative Fuel Foundation

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Middleton, MA
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The Alternative Fuel Foundation is a registered 501(c) 3 Non-Profit organization that provides free used cooking oil collection and recycling services. Restaurants can feel good knowing that all of the vegetable oil collected by The Foundation is converted into domestically produced clean burning biofuels, and all of the proceeds are used to fund green education programs. And because we are a registered 501(c) 3 public charity, restaurants are eligible to receive up to a $5,000 tax rebate for their oil donations (per reporting entity). Deductions over $5000 are permitted, however a third party appraiser must be appointed to value the total donation. (

The Alternative Fuel Foundation brings a unique approach to the waste oil business. First and foremost, The Foundation looks to address the large amounts of waste in the food service industry, supporting sustainable practices that save money, reduce environmental waste and over time, will lead to a reduced carbon footprint for the entire food service industry while helping to build a sustainable domestic biofuels market. At the same time The Foundation looks to maximize customer satisfaction by offering a comprehensive service, from regular scheduled routes to online account management tools.

Our commitment to social and environmental action;
• Lowers operating costs for our clients
• Creates earth-friendly bio-fuels and fertilizers
• Reduces dependence on foreign oil
• Reduces global warming
• Creates new jobs in new fields
• Provides grants for sustainability education at local schools
The Foundation is also constantly looking to generate the maximum value for the waste oil produced by our clients, by offering flexible compensation packages including high value tax rebates through our donation program, access to other services at discounts via the AROSE Network and access to marketing and promotions through the LocallyGreen. In particular LocallyGreen ( is an excellent benefit which comes at no cost. LocallyGreen acts as a clearing house of locations that aspire to get green, where the members check in to confirm and report on the actions they are taking. This is done both through the website and mobile apps, linked through Facebook, Twitter and uTube. Supporters of The Foundation are given full access to the LocallyGreen network and opportunities to further promote their environmental activities to an interested community of supporters.

As noted above The Foundation is a professional organization that can be depended upon to provide waste vegetable oil collections in a clean manner and on regular schedules, as well as to be there in case of any emergencies. We have ample references we can provide to vouch for this. But what really differentiates the Alternative Fuel Foundation from other companies is our commitment to environmental stewardship, growing the domestic green economy and support educational opportunities.

In sum, we are the only firm that focuses on the Social and Environmental aspects of the business as well as the bottom line.


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