It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!
It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!

Stephanie Deitzer, Style At Work

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Stephanie Deitzer, founder of Style at Work, has always endeavored to be stylish, creative, and memorable in what have typically been conservative work environments.

With her 20+ years of corporate experience, Stephanie now empowers clients to dress stylishly, yet appropriately, for business and other life roles where confidence and capability matter – to feel good from the inside out. With her help, clients develop a look that makes them stand out in a crowd, bridges from work to play, and promotes self-confidence.

Stephanie’s love affair with fashion began at the age of four when she learned how to sew from her grandfather, an Italian tailor. Wearing custom-tailored clothing and helping friends and family with their wardrobe choices during her formative years, Stephanie observed fabric, style, silhouette and fit, first-hand, and she began to understand that everyone is born with his or her own look.

Her talents for styling and fashion were further applied through her college years and studies at Vanderbilt University, where as a drama major, her experience broadened to include costuming, hair, and makeup techniques. These skills proved useful upon graduation, when she helped launch the Prescriptives skin care and cosmetics line in New York.

During her years of corporate life, Stephanie represented prestigious firms including The Boston Consulting Group and IBM, where she successfully assisted colleagues and management who enlisted her aid with their business, business casual and personal looks. After many loyal years in big business, it was time for her to explore the next chapter of her life and determine how to best follow her passion. Recognizing that helping others through style was the common thread throughout her entire life, the direction was clear, and Style at Work was born.

Stephanie is currently VP of Education and Acting VP of Membership for the Association of Image Consultants International’s (AICI) New England Chapter.


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