It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!
It's great to B.S.E.E.N.!

About Us

About our not so typical Boston Event Planner services.

Timothy Harris developed the BeSoEVENTurous Event Network based on a simple concept, a service he saw as valuable to a niche market that has not been effectively serviced, especially in our new economy. To see more about Timothy Harris, founder and President, please visit his Spotlight Portfolio page.

The 2 overriding principles of BeSoEVENTurous are (1) saving valuable research time for the client looking to plan an event by offering multiple location and vendor choices based on their criteria and (2) helping small local businesses thrive in a struggling economy. Many people dread the process of putting together an event: the time to research the right venues, figuring out what works for their budget. etc. On the other side, many small businesses do not have the resources to fully promote their services or are just looking for an affordable secondary avenue for promotion. We are here to facilitate the connection between both sides.

Our expertise as Boston event planners and our firsthand knowledge of banquet facilities in eastern MA, along with Boston area restaurants and their function room and private dining space allows our clients to focus on the event and it's success while leaving the planning details to us.

We can help the Mom who is trying to set up the bridal shower for her daughter from a thousand miles away, the admin who has taken on 3 other people's jobs as the company has downsized, the networking group whose budget has shrunk and whose attendance has dwindled and the event vendor who wants to reach a targeted audience in search of their services and does not have a great web presence.

BeSoEVENTurous can do as little or as much work as you need. Our free consultation allows you to call us or use the event inquiry form, directing your event to the venues that fit the profile of your exact needs. They will be able to contact you directly and put a bid together quickly. There is no obligation to book an event with us and new users will be helped finding a restaurant outside the network if there is no perfect match in the network.

If you frequent the business networking circuit or you want expanded event services you can custom fit to your needs by becoming a subscription member of the network. There are individual, and group memberships available, all at very affordable rates. See our Services page for more info.

Saving time and money are 2 awesome reasons to use our services but certainly not the only ones. By becoming a free registered member of the network you can take advantage of the coupon offers posted by some of our network partners. Free registration on the site also gives you access to our regular networking events at a reduced rate of $10 per event (non-members fees are $25 per event).

If you graduate to silver membership all our networking events are free! Silver membership is only $29.95 per year (again see our Services page for more info) and as a bonus if you book an event with us you automatically become a silver member for a year.  

Browse our Boston area restaurants, party venues and vendor partners, all local independent businesses or small regional chains. If you have a event service or venue and want to join our network and be included on our website it is a simple and affordable process. This website was designed and executed by local companies, W2DesignStudio and  BeSoEVENTurous is actively working with local chambers of commerce as well to facililtate the connection to local business.

Restaurant sign up is easy as well. We allow restaurants and vendors to control their own content on the site and will assist in the process as well if needed. You have the ability to offer coupons to registered users and we will promote any special events or deals you are running through our social media pages. Our restaurant partners can also offer promotional coupons to members.

In the future all members (individuals, companies, restaurants, etc.) will be able to post their own events on our calendar as well (from a yard sale to a dance recital to an art exhibit or your band playing at the Middle East). Speaking of bands, our music player features local independent artists who you may have never heard and might even be able to play at your party or event.

Another future exhancement will be the B.S.E.E.N. (our acronym for BeSoEVENTurous Event Network) promo card that WILL easily pay back your membership over the course of a year through additional promotional offers. Beyond these promotions you will accrue points based on the money you spend at participating members businesses. You will be put you into a monthly prize pool once you reach a certain spending level.

As this network develops more features will be added as the members determine. We will always be looking for feedback about how we can better serve our members from all sides of the equation.

“... he has consistently demonstrated efficiency, accuracy with all event details, professionalism and high responsiveness to my firm’s needs...”

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